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viisights is a leading provider of behavioral understanding systems for real-time video intelligence leveraging unique AI technology

Angel / Pre-seed stage
Updated Nov 2018


Accomplish is a marketplace app that connects entrepreneurs and startups to one another for in-person collaboration and to experts for paid advice.

Angel / Pre-seed stage
Updated Nov 2018


junzi is a new-generation fast-casual Chinese restaurant updating the narrative on modern Chinese everyday food experience with bings and noodles

Angel / Pre-seed stage
Updated Nov 2018

ZON Products Inc.

A Plug and Play Alexa Voice Embedded Smart-Home System that turns an ordinary home into an extraordinary home all controllable with your voice.

Seed stage
Updated Nov 2018

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A superior video sharing platform for the distributed internet.

Angel / Pre-seed stage
Updated Nov 2018


BusWays notifies parents when their child gets on & off the school bus & allows schools to cut transportation costs.

Angel / Pre-seed stage
Updated Nov 2018

The Collective

We collect clothing with real pockets for real women.

Angel / Pre-seed stage
Updated Nov 2018

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