Connect with investors relevant to your business for free.

No more sorting through endless lists of irrelevant VCs.

InvestorID, OneH’s proprietary matching algorithm, pin points investors that are investing into your space.

Create a Brief to get started.

A Brief is a short, public snapshot of your company that quickly outlines your business model, team, traction, fundraising history, market, and more.

This is your first impression with Investors on OneH so use your Brief as an opportunity to showcase your company’s strength, opportunity, & growth.

Investors look at your Brief to establish a high level understanding of the business before scheduling their first meeting with you. This is your first opportunity to showcase your company and impress Investors, so make sure your Brief looks exactly the way you would want it to - informative, compelling, and up-to-date.

This is our company’s Brief.


You’ll start with one curated investor per week.

Once your company has been verified, we’ll share one curated investor you can pitch directly through the platform each week.

We curate investors for you based on Industry, Stage, Geographic Location, Average Investment Size, and more.

Investors will also be able to proactively message you through the platform so check your email or come back to the platform to make sure you didn’t miss an opportunity to connect with an investor interested in your company.

Invite one startup or one investor to OneH & pitch twice as many investors.

The more you add to the OneH Ecosystem, the more powerful it becomes for you.

Every time you bring one startup or one investor to OneH, you will receive double the amount of curated investors for one additional month once they have completed their Brief or Investor Profile. Bring multiple startups and investors at once so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to contribute to the Ecosystem.

You’ll also find weekly opportunities to pitch more investors both on the platform and through our events.


Focus on running your business, not raising for it. Create a Brief to get started.

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