Accomplish is the first on-demand marketplace to facilitate conversations between micro-consultants; in person and in your own city.

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Accomplish is the first on-demand marketplace to facilitate conversations between micro-consultants; in person and in your own city. We're here to service the startup boom; taking the guesswork out of entrepreneurship by giving early entrepreneurs and startups the permission to ask for guidance from their talented neighbors, instead of wasting their time searching on the internet or attending countless networking events. We see the value in what our experts, mentors, and peers do every day. Accomplish is here to help them monetize this, bringing an additional income for our experts and knowledge abound for our entrepreneurs.
13% of future Entrepreneurs want to launch a new technology, but don't know how to take the next step. 46% believe they lack the skills and knowledge to be a successful Entrepreneur. With this being the way of our future, how do we help these entrepreneurs defy the odds stacked against them when 70% of venture-backed startups FAIL within 5 years?
Accomplish is a marketplace app that provides Entrepreneurs and Startups with on-demand conversations from mentors, peers, and experts. We do this first by tagging each user's "hot words:" skills, interests, notable work places, challenges, goal, and accomplishments, and allowing a free text search of all fellow users up to a 30 mile radius. Each user's availability is noted (with the goal of initiating a conversation right now), as well as their exact distance from you, and their peer reviewed average meeting rating and endorsements of their advertised skills. By allowing and encouraging peer review after each meeting, we are ensuring only the highest caliber mentors, experts, and peers stay on the app for worthwhile conversations. A meeting is scheduled and the time is tracked down to the minute using an in-app timer. For those who have earned Expert status, they are paid for their time automatically, securely, and in-app based on a prorated amount calculated from their set hourly rate and the time spent in the meeting.
The startup economy is emergent and we're here to level it up. The greater majority of recent college graduates said that they intend to start their own business, instead of working for someone else. This is evident by roughly a third of our workforce being freelancers, set to be the majority in the next decade.

Funding Overview

Angel / Pre-seed
Current Funding Stage
$ -
Raised in Previous Rounds
$ 150,000
Raised in Current Round
$ 500,000
Goal for Current Round
Press, Updates and Events Funding History
  • Official launch to the app store for Alpha users
    June 4, 2018
  • Reach goal of 250 verified (paid) experts for Alpha users
    July 29, 2018
  • First retail partnership secured with Chelsea Hospitality Group
    September 28, 2018
  • September 28, 2018
  • Received $55,000 investment toward development and secured exclusive development partnership with SoftEdge Technologies.
    December 1, 2019
  • $50,000 September, 2020
  • $100,000 September, 2020
    Lead investor
  • $55 December, 2019
    Investment toward development


The Team

Jill Volpe Kirk

Co-Founder, CEO

Leslie Gregory

Co-founder, CFO

Jill Volpe Kirk

Co-Founder, CEO
Jill Kirk is a co-founder and CEO of Accomplish; a company formed from the idea she had in a coffee shop while wishing she could ask the talented people around her if they had any advice. Professionally, her background is in client/investor relations at AllianceBernstein and Health Enterprise Partners, and product management at Verge Health where she was exclusively in charge of two of the largest revenue producing products from the company. She is fanatical about creating a beautiful product that serves the needs of her users. Jill handles all product management, discovery, development strategy, and user engagement for Accomplish.

Leslie Gregory

Co-founder, CFO
From corporate retail analyst to opening buying offices and financial consulting, Leslie Gregory has worked in all aspects of the fashion/retail/e-commerce industry. Private to public, $9M to $350M, US based and International, including Theory and Mulberry - her love of the business led to a fulfilling career driven by the desire to help companies succeed. Fast forward to now CFO and co-founder of Accomplish; Leslie immediately resonated with the value of shared expertise, on demand, for the collective good of small business and startup success.