Acorn Biolabs

Toronto, ON

Angel / Pre-seed stage Full Build Healthcare » Biotechnology
Acorn Biolabs is preserving people's young stem cells for use in personalized future medical treatments.



Our core market consists of trans-humanists and futurists, the people who already have longevity on their mind. About 2.5 million strong within major hubs in the U.S. and Canada, this group is 18-55 with mid-to-high income. They find human limits such as aging of particular interest, and want to tackle this problem to give themselves a shot at witnessing future technologies and living longer, healthier lives.


Unfortunately the life-extending treatments we're most excited about, such as organ regeneration and many tissue therapies, are still decades away from widespread use. These therapies will work best on cells the younger they are, and in the meantime we're aging.


Acorn Biolabs preserves stem cells for people to use for future medical treatments. As stem cell research improves the capabilities of stem cells, preserving them serves as a form of insurance for future illnesses.