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Aduo is an alternative lending platform for the freelance marketplace. Different from other lenders, we use Behavioral Economics to help identify the best borrowers, keep them properly engaged, and actually make the borrowing process enjoyable, while AI reduces paperwork and speeds up the loan process.


The lending space is currently comprised of traditional lenders, such as banks, and your online lenders like Lending Club or Kabbage. Online lenders tend to focus on some specific area such as business loans or personal loans, but no one caters to independent contractors or freelancers.


Freelancers and independent contractors make up about a third of the US workforce and will become the majority of the workforce within the next decade. However, they are often turned away by traditional banks when they apply for a loan due to their fluctuations in income and the inability to properly vet them. This is despite the fact that many of them are more than capable of maintaining a loan.

More generally, the lending process can still be burdensome for applicants despite the advances in technology. Applicants can still be required to submit multiple documents in order to be approved and the process can take over a week to receive funds.


We cater to freelancers by instantly analyzing all their income sources to properly gauge their risk profile in addition to looking at non-traditional variables. Furthermore, we speed up the process by eliminating virtually all paperwork. The application process takes only a few minutes and we are able to gather financial information through permission based access to the applicant's accounts.


We charge a simple fee per month between 1% and 4% based on the risk profile of the borrower.