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Angel / Pre-seed stage Energy & Utilities » Renewables
We license technology that extracts carbon from power plants fuel to make graphene, transitioning them into zero-emission and generating more profits.


The trend in the energy market is fast decarbonizing, as more policies and mandates around the world require emission reduction. The target market will be gas fired power plants in California, as the momentum for change is great and it is most receptive to innovation like this. The overall market will be all power plants that are in the States, representing a $99 Billion market.


More policies focuses on decarbonizing the utilities and power generation sector, however, the renewable energy are intermittent, therefore making it difficult to supply reliable and consistent power.


We provide a power plant retrofitting technology to extract the carbon out of the fuels they use. This produces a carbon byproduct called graphene, which is 10 times more valuable than gold right now. This enables the power plant to become zero-emission while making bonus revenue.