New York, NY

Angel / Pre-seed stage MVP eCommerce » Marketplace
App-App is a subscription app that provides its users one complimentary appetizer per day at any of our partner restaurants.


The industry as a whole is very fragmented with many restaurants using multiple platforms at one time to just try to keep ahead of the customer curve. This enables us to operate in restaurants that our competitors are in with ease.

As for users, over 60 million Americans consider themselves avid diners (eat out 1+ time per week) - with that number jumping to 3+ times per week in many urban environments. App-App is perfectly positioned to provide immense value to urban diners by allowing them to do what they already are doing.


Finding new customers has always been one of the top concerns for all restaurants, but current digital platforms take heavy fees, up to 75% of the bill, in order to do this.


App-App doesn't charge anything to restaurants to be on our platform. They simply provide a selection of appetizers from which our users can receive complimentary for dining there. This works to the benefit of both parties as the margin of appetizers are high, making customer acquisition costs low for restaurants - and the perceived value of a free appetizer is high to users, improving their experience as a whole.


We are a subscription model - users pay $10.99/month - basically the cost of one appetizer.

As we build out our user and restaurant base - we will be exploring additional forms of advertising to help drive more traffic to our restaurants.