Asset Analytica

Wantagh, NY

Seed stage Full Build Retail (non-internet/mobile) » Department Stores
Company is built around AssetTrac technology, which tracks asset movements in real time. The platform is built to be scalable from the ground up, meaning we can track millions and potentially billions of assets in real time.

My vision is to move this product into the retail sector, where it can enable many advanced technologies for traditional B&M retailers to move into the 21st century. Some of the advanced technologies in the future are:

1) Cashier-less checkout. We don't use flawed and intrusive camera technologies. Our products are tracked precisely, at a fraction of the cost.

2) Accurate online inventory count, location, and pricing. Transparency can bring back traditional shoppers and improve shopping experience.

3) Augmented shopping. Because tracking of assets indirectly tracks the shopper inside the store as well, advanced augmented shopping experience can be achieved. Tailored advertising can be shown when users are in the cereal isle, etc...

I am seeking to raise capital, and build a solid advisory board with broad experiences.


AssetTrac is currently deployed in medical field. Our timeline feature allows medical personnel to track historical movements of assets for both compliance and audit purposes. The healthcare asset management market is expected to reach USD 29,602 million by 2020 from USD 6,700 million in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 34.6% during the forecast period.

The retail industry is even bigger, with players who are desperate to stay relevant in the age of Amazon. According to Bloomberg: The original AmazonGo in downtown Seattle required more than $1 million in hardware alone.

That kind of initial investment is not something low-margin traditional retailers can afford. Our sensor-based solutions can help traditional B&M retailers, bringing their technology into the 21st century.


High cost of investment for camera tracking solutions.
High cost of technology equipment.
Cost of installation.
Cost of disruption to business.
Camera solution flaws lead to potential theft, or wrong charges.
Cameras are invasive.


Our platform is built using low cost Bluetooth LE sensors. Our operating cost is very low compared to other cashier-less checkout solutions.

Sensors don't have privacy concerns, and offers more detailed information about the shopper movements, and provide relevant advanced technologies like VR or AR shopper experiences.

We can also offer transparent and accurate product information to improve shopper experience, like location, quantity and price.


AssetTrac will follow a service based model. Our AssetTrac sensors and sensor detectors are leased free to customers. They are charged a monthly subscription fee for using our products, based on the number of beacons rented.

Subject to future changes, our preliminary pricing model is:

100 beacons - $99 / month |
1,000 beacons - $799 / month |
10,000 beacons - $6999 / month |
100,000 beacons - $64999 / month |
1,000,000 beacons - $599999 / month |

We plan to offer additional add-on services, like Asset Intelligence, and Third-Party integration. Those services will be offered at a flat pricing of $1000 / month.