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Users use our Tinder based UI to like, dislike, and invest in startups, which educates the companies of what the market wants.

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Be A Shark is a platform for anyone to become a Shark (like on Shark Tank). Our Users use our Tinder based UI to like, dislike, and invest in startups. We are putting Product development and Startup Funding in the hands of the Market. They validate the idea for the Issuers and may even fund it for them. Investing in companies they like can help turn their $100 investment into a $1,000,000 return. The market loves Be A Shark as shown with our ~55% view on YouTube ads and ~5.2% conversion rates on Instagram ads. Issuers love us because determining whether there is product-market fit isn't easy......until Be A Shark.
55% of startups fail due to improper product-market fit.
Startups struggle to gauge interest from their market or build a list of customers to use the product or verify it ingenuity before launch.

37% of startups fail due to not having enough capital.
Startups lack the ability to raise money from outside of their inner circle and receive the funds necessary to build and grow their product.

98% of Americans don't own equity in any type of companies.
Investors of all types are looking to invest in startup but have a difficulty with legality, interests, and finding them.
Be a Shark is an equity crowdfunding platform with a directed focus on the unaccredited investor. By concentrating our platform to the ordinary people, we are able to offer startups 2 products; a fund raising tool and a market validation device. We use tinder’s easy to use UI to enable users 3 different actions on the companies. They can Like a company, Dislike a company, or Invest in the company. Enabling the users to decide more than just investing in the company allows the user to use the app more often and companies to gauge the interest of the market from the market.
In addition, we upgraded the UI of the users (compared to competitors) and simplified all the terms and contracts. This allows the users to focus on the company and not worry about the terms. We also lowered the minimum investment pricing due to it being unrealistic and limiting the diversity of their investments. We removed all fee to the investors and increased their ability to manage their investments. We help users narrow their browsing with tags, and make sharing companies they like fun with our “Shark Report”.
We also made the Issuer side easier. We have all processes automated which will save the issuers thousands in legal fees and hours of their own time. We also skip the vetting process. Why would we do such? Besides being costly ($10K+), it is because analysts don't decide how viable an idea is; the market does. We let any company (as allowed by law and isn't fraudulent) on the platform and let the market decide whether the product will be funded and succeed. This allows our issuers to gain the capital needed, and validate their market at a fraction of the cost of fully developing their product.
There are many products that are focused on large investors, but the common folk are usually excluded from joining due to investor limits, legality, or other reasons. The products that were meant for the unaccredited investors have terrible UI, charge large fees, and don't give the same experience as Accredited investors.

Funding Overview

Angel / Pre-seed
Current Funding Stage
$ -
Raised in Previous Rounds
$ 35,000
Raised in Current Round
$ 300,000
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The Team


Solomon Kushner

Touro College

Bias Mitra

Lead Developer

Solomon Kushner

Experienced Entrepreneur with multiple startups Senior Developer with 7 years experience Paralegal with 4 years experience Registered Investment Advisor

Bias Mitra

Lead Developer
Senior developer with 9 years of experience in Mobile, Gaming, and Web development