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Self-publishing in the best sense: authors have full creative control of their book, they own all the rights for their book, and they get all the royalties.

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Bobbin helps professionals share their knowledge by turning their ideas into professionally published books.

We've created a simple, easy, and proven process that solves the three major problems that stop authors from publishing their book: time, expertise, and marketing.

Our program is specially designed for entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, and other professionals who want to write and publish a high level, impactful book, intended for an entrepreneurial audience.

And all you have to do is talk. We'll do the rest.
Traditional publishers take all your copyright for the life of your work. And you need a book agent to even deal with them. Book agents will also take your copyright if not careful, and also your money. A very large percentage of them are scams these days.

Authors make no more sales than they could publishing the book indie, and actually in a few short years their indie sales will pass any possible traditional publishing sales. And author's can't trust the traditional publisher’s royalty statements every six months because their accounting systems are stuck back in dial-up phone land. Not kidding.

Traditional publishers will price an author's book so high that most fans won’t be able to afford it, and will not get your work out around the world either.

An author's book is produce to a traditional publisher, meaning that after a month or so they no longer care, to them your book has spoiled, and they will do nothing to promote your book after that point, if they promoted it at all ahead of publication.

On top of that, it takes forever to sell a book to traditional publishing, often if you count the agent time, rewriting time, and publishing time, three to five years from writing the book to it being published. You sell a book tomorrow to traditional and B&N goes down before your book is published, you are done. Chances are your book will never be published, but they will own and keep all the rights to it anyway. (You signed the contract, sorry.)

Also, you must write what they want you to write, not what you want to write. And also, you must write slower, do fewer books, and often contracts will keep you from writing for anyone else in any genre and any series. Not kidding.

Lastly, you lose all control of your book. And maybe all of your writing depending on the contract you sign. They put a bad cover on your book, a bad blurb, and give you a bad copy-editor and there is not one thing you can do to change that. Nothing. You have no control at all.
Bobbin is self-publishing in the best sense: authors have full creative control of their book, they own all the rights for their book, and they get all the royalties. We are comfortable promising a completely finished book within 8 months (sometimes a little shorter). It is the business model of self-publishing, with the support of traditional publishing.

And all our authors have to do is talk.

They spend zero time writing. And 100% of their time doing what they love, while we take care of the entire publishing process from idea to the writing and editing to published and sitting book on the shelf. But what we do isn't exactly ghostwriting.

Through a series of interviews, we transcribe an author's ideas into a professionally published book. The ideas and words and content are entirely theirs and are in their voice. We put nothing in their book that did not come out of their head and their mouth. We like to say that we help authors translate their ideas into a proper, professional book, but all meaningful parts of authorship are theirs, making them the sole author.

The coolest part of the Bobbin process is that authors end up working with some of the very best editing and ghostwriting talent in the world—they just do it through our systematic and defined process.

Our roster of freelancers includes writers, editors and publishing insiders who have worked on over +1000 books spanning at least a decade. Many of them are highly decorated—Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy nominees and winners, New York Times Bestsellers and National Magazine Award winners.

They love working with us (and our authors), because with us, they are able to avoid most of the problems that freelancers have: finding good clients, negotiating terms of the deal, collecting payment, limiting the scope of the work, etc.
A traditional book publishing company buys the rights to an author's manuscript. Buying rights from the author is how book publishers have traditionally acquired books.

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The Team

Michael Martin

Founder & Managing Editor

Michael Martin

Founder & Managing Editor
Bobbin started out as Story Writer Academy—a coaching and mentoring program for writers. As a writer myself with a decade of experience in publishing, I offered my peers the kind of help and mentorship I never had access to. At Story Writer Academy, I coached writers of all skill levels to achieve their publishing dreams. I also earned income ghostwriting for authors who lacked the time to write the book themselves, or writing just wasn’t their strong suit. Through coaching and ghostwriting I’d meet many incredible leaders in the publishing industry. And gradually, I became the guy who connected Person A with Person B. Many of these professionals had previously worked for traditional publishing houses and had chosen the career path of freelancing because it fit their lifestyle goals more-so than full-time employment at a traditional publishing house. Over the years, I've causally linked together aspiring writers with established editors; award winning book cover artists and illustrators with upcoming self-publishers; innovative marketers with small presses. And everything in between. My biggest challenge was finding a way to help frustrated entrepreneurs who dreamed of getting their ideas out of their heads and into a book. See, as a ghostwriter, my job was only to write the book manuscript—no publishing, no marketing, no distribution, no book cover, nothing. You'd have to pay for all that separately, from different places. I'd kindly guide and consult these authors through the publishing process, yet every single one of them politely nudged, hinted and sometimes asked something along the lines of, "Can't you just do it for me?" It wasn't that they were dumb, or lazy or weren't trying hard enough. They were very successful, intelligent and had done incredible things, all of which required a lot of hard work. They were simply crazy busy with their business and didn’t have the time to think about outlines, chapter breakdowns, spelling, grammar, structure, copyediting, font-size, spacing, which artists to hire, how to vet them, marketing, etc. It made much more sense that I solve their problem. So I did. I created a system in which they could focus on what they loved to do, meanwhile I did all the busy work of managing the publishing process for them. I had already built relationships and formed a dynamic network of New York Times bestselling authors, writers, publishing insiders, and editors who have spent at least a decade working in books and publishing. And many of them are highly decorated—Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy nominees and winners, and National Magazine Award winners. As their trusted source for new projects, Bobbin saves them from spending time finding clients. So, where did the name Bobbin come from? Well, let's take a trip down metaphor lane. In the sewing industry, a bobbin is a tool that helps create the stitch which joins things together. The bobbin's job is to spin the yarn. (Our logo features a yellow ball of yarn in the form of a cute little sheep). Sailors of the early nineteenth century were the first to use spinning a yarn to refer to telling a story that described a speaker’s adventures and exploits. Thus, we are Bobbin. And our mission is to stitch expert knowledge together in the form of authors/writers/editors/designers/etc. for the purpose of spinning yarns a.k.a. sharing awesome adventures, unlocking the world's knowledge—telling stories. Simply put: we help you write, publish and market your book. And all you have to do is talk. Seriously! You get to sit back with your beverage of choice and simply speak what’s on your mind. Our job is to translate your spoken language into a beautifully written manuscript that will resonate with your audience. Our method makes the publishing process easy on everyone involved by allowing each professional to focus on their area of expertise and do what they do best. And only that. Bobbin does the rest.