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Communicate for less or free. Keep all your data and make it accessible from any device. Make calls local, worldwide. No roaming. Have multiple phone numbers on the same device.


The global telecom market is over $1.2 Trillion. There are few competitors in this segment and even less with business models designed around generating income (e.g. Whatsapp). In the relatively established international long distance space ($200 Billion), IDT, the largest player, only accounts for 1% of the market. We see an opportunity to step into a huge marketplace with a proven revenue model and few competitors.


People want to communicate for free. People want easy. Today's "free" apps require expensive cell phone services to run so they are not free. They also are incompatible with each other so people accumulate many apps.


Centmobile's Communication-as-a-Service product allows people to communicate with one another for free or, if free is not available, for less. CentMobile provides telephone numbers and does not need traditional cell phone service. Call anyone with a telephone number from any device connected to the internet. Free and simple.


CentMobile is a global communication provider with a proven multi-year track record, a revenue generating International Long Distance service (ILD) and an established customer base. CentMobile will continue to generate revenue from its existing pay-as-you-go subscription model while expanding its product offerings. With the app, a flat fee subscription plan for one or more telephone numbers will be introduced along with several tiers of service depending upon one's needs (e.g. international long distance vs. domestic services).