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Clicktivated is an IP-protected platform that enables viewers the ability to interact with individual items inside video

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Clicktivated is an interactive video platform that enables viewers with the ability to interact with and shop individual products/items in video as they watch. Effectively transforming passive video into interactive experiences.
Clicktivated Video, Inc. was formed to solve a major problem that was developing in the video online space, amidst substantial growth. That problem was the complete lack of engagement, or interaction opportunities within the video for viewers to shop or learn more about different products, or other items featured within the video. We identified this challenge based on our own frustration of seeing products we wanted to buy while we were watching. We knew we weren't the only ones thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if I could just click that shirt and buy it! We knew we wanted to be the ones that were able to finally solve this challenge. With 20 billion views happening daily, the opportunity to monetize in-video is only continuing to grow. Today, Clicktivated is seamlessly connecting viewers to the products and information they want inside video by allowing them to click or touch items of interest as they watch
We are finally providing a solution to the market that allows for our clients to communicate more effectively with their consumers/viewers. While also providing an effective way for brands to monetize their products in video or create an immersive informational experience.

As we set out on our development journey and in order to be the ongoing leader in the space, we knew we had to develop with the mindset of "tomorrow" and not necessarily develop around a specific “moment in time". Because of this, we developed two core principles that remain intact today; 1) Clean and simple user experience. Giving viewers full control to select only the products of interest to them as they watch. The non-intrusive UX is vital, if a viewer finds the UX to be "annoying" or just "in the way" they will ignore and not pay attention. Consumers today demand information on their own terms and don't want to be overly sold to. A clean UX also helps expand the distribution possibilities from a brands website, to full length TV shows and eventually movies. 2) Diverse distribution options. We knew this would be key as our vision calls for full interactivity on every screen. In order to accomplish this, we wanted to build the platform around flexibility of distribution (amongst other things). We knew requiring a client to use our player exclusively would be a hindrance to growth. Most brands and retailers already have a video host (Vimeo, brightcove, JW etc.) in place and it would require more work on their end to implement a new player (no matter how simple it is) and no matter how much or little time this may actually involve. Therefore, we knew it would be another barrier to entry. So, we designed an API that would allow Clicktivated’s technology to be easily integrated within any digital video player that has an open API. Because of this, we are able distribute the Clicktivated experience, utilizing other major video players and also through video ads. We are the only tech of our kind that has such wide spread and diverse distribution capabilities and is able to run fully shoppable video ads.
Online video consumption and popularity has exploded over the last few years. To the extent that we consume 20billion videos daily. This equals roughly 80% of all internet consumption currently.

Marketing dollars have followed this trend and will surpass $82+ billion dollars spent annually by 2022. This will be a 2x increase in just four short years.

Funding Overview

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Raised in Previous Rounds
$ 1,300,000
Raised in Current Round
$ 2,500,000
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The Team

Chris Roebuck

CEO & Co-Founder

Chris Roebuck

CEO & Co-Founder
Chris Roebuck is CEO of Detroit-based Clicktivated Inc. and has been a member of the business and technology communities for over a decade. After graduating from Michigan State University in 2006 with a BA in advertising, Chris began his career working for BBDO’s media group, PhD. At PhD, Chris was able to immerse himself in the business side of the Detroit auto industry and developed a great many relationships within that community. Additionally, during his tenure there, Chris quickly began to take note of the many challenges that the advertising and media industries face, which inevitably inspired him to branch out, seeking opportunities to create businesses that combat these challenges. Chris spent several years creating and growing small business before he created Clicktivated’s interactive video solution, which is his largest venture to date. The company quickly set out to solve the growing challenge of monetizing video and creating a solution that allows viewers to gain instant information on products and access to purchasing sites by simply clicking on items as they watch. Clicktivated’s “consumer first’” mindset has played a pivotal role in every aspect of the company and remains the primary reason why it is a leader in the interactive video industry. Despite the exponential growth in demand for online video technologies, Clicktivated remains the one company in the industry that sets itself apart with its highly effective and user-friendly software. As Clicktivated’s CEO, Chris remains the leader of the company, and the main driver behind the substantial growth the company has seen.