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CLINK!Gift is a social media experience & curated marketplace for celebrating with family, friends and coworkers when you can't be there in person. Send gifts, funds and personalized cards to acknowledge others & keep you emotionally connected.



The landscape is varied with big players like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat combining social media, retail and money transfers but we think they cast too wide a net causing the users to lose the intimacy with brands, and their intimate social network - and making it hard for local merchants to standout in their marketplace. The opportunity is to connect users to each other through their local brands and create experiences: social experiences with financial benefits.


If distance or time challenges are keeping you from celebrating life events with friends, family or co-workers then CLINK!Gift is your just in time, digital solution - slipping seamlessly into our mobile lifestyles. Never miss an opportunity to connect, acknowledge and celebrate the important people in your life. CLINK!Gift started as an idea I had while at work when I wanted to celebrate with co-workers but other commitments kept me from it. I wanted to be able to send a bottle of wine or similar but the logistics were impossible. I wanted to send a gift and when it was received by them for it to be as if I were right there too. I could virtually experience the fun of "opening" the gift by sharing pics and messages through the app and they should be able to use that gift or gift value immediately - if they wanted a bottle of wine they could buy it! Or, if they wanted to use it with a different merchant in the marketplace, they could do that too. They could even save it for later use and increase the amount to spend by "topping off" with their credit card, or use funds sent through or proprietary friendfunding software. Redemption needed to be very flexible so I wouldn't hesitate to send a gift or money through the app. I wanted to be sure the recipient would be happy with my gift no matter what.

The beta version exists on the app store as CLINK!Gift. You create a personal message and suggest a place for the recipient to spend the funds you send them. They can use the gift value where you suggest, or with another one of our partners, or they can cash out the gift value to a preferred account whenever they are ready.


Using the mobile app: Create a personalized message (take a pic, decorate it with filters, text and the drawing tool) then suggest one of our brands (or non-profits), add the funds and SEND. Never miss an opportunity to connect, acknowledge and celebrate with the important people in your life.

GIFTPlus is one of our differentiating features:

When you address your CLINK! to a recipient (or non-profit) you can include your network of friends, family and co-workers to receive and view your CLINK! They can then use GIFTPlus to add to the original CLINK! and be included in a photo collage of CLINK!s within the app. CLINK!s can also be posted to other social media channels. What is truly unique about GIFTPlus is the aggregation of funds for the recipient with each participant paying (or donating) separately so there is no splitting of the tab or other confusing transactions - each person is comfortable with their spend. Donations are also tracked separately and each individual receives their tax deductible donation and contribution letter from the non-profit.

The beauty of GIFTPlus, like all features in CLINK!Gift, is it imitates what we do in real life. At work, we pass around a card, sign it and add money - GIFTPlus is the online equivalent but better! Participants create their own card with a unique message which makes for lots more social interaction and fun. When we participate in a charity, we encourage others to match our donation or help our team meet its giving goal. CLINK!Gift let's you get that message out and track through a group collage of CLINK!s how much impact your group is making.

CLINK!Gift is the digital equivalent of how we manage physical gifts. We either: 1) enjoy, 2) return, 3) re-gift or, 4) if cash, put it in our bank account and save for something else. You can do all of these things on CLINK!Gift because we 1) have great gifts 2) let you redeem the value with any of our partners 3) you hold an account balance so you can send that the money to someone else and 4) you hold an account balance so you can save until you have enough for any product or service we offer. And, do it graciously: Your sender doesn't need to know you donated the money they sent you unless you tell them. And, if you do enjoy the gift then you can share the gift experience with them through the social media features and strengthen those emotional connections - they matter!

Redeem Recap: There are many redeem options available for recipient's receiving a gift, regardless of what was sent to them: They can choose any brand in our curated marketplace of unique gift ideas, or they can simply cash out the gift value to their preferred account. Since they hold an account balance with us, they could also use the funds toward charitable giving, or "re-gift" the funds to someone else.


CLINK!Gift has 2 main revenue streams: redeem transactions and service fees. A redeem transaction is when a user redeems their CLINK! with one of our marketplace merchants and we receive a percentage of the gift value. A service fee is a small amount for handling the transaction. There are other potential revenue streams that have not been factored into the business model: white label opportunities, display advertising and marketing promotions.