Angel / Pre-seed stage
Co Journey is travel business application. It guides and helps you find interesting, find exotic destination based on your interests.


In the United States, the fitness industry is a $25.8 billion business, with an estimated growth rate of 7.4%. These facts outline that Fogo has a huge and growing market potential. After conducting intensive market research, including online surveys and in-person interviews, Fogo was able to divide the market further using demographic and psychographic segmentation. With this information, Fogo deducted that adolescent females, with annual household incomes of $150,000+, who exercise two to three times a week, are very likely to be interested in using a nutrition app just like Fogo. Although this demographic is expected to be Fogo’s target market, they are not the only ones. Based on our research, 80% of our surveyed population, many of whom are not our target customers, want to eat healthier, while 70% of those same people are willing to or have used nutrition apps in the past. And for those who have used nutrition apps, 66.67% of them claimed that they were not satisfied with the app. This presents a big opportunity for Fogo to revolutionize the nutrition industry while bettering the fitness experience once and for all.


Currently, there is an abundance of users who are not achieving their fitness goals through their traditional nutrition apps. On average, many users rated their apps a 4.4 on a 10-point satisfaction scale. Many of these traditional nutrition apps make it hard for users to consistently follow nutrition regimes, simply because they do not provide the actionable assistance necessary to reinforce eating healthy. For example, one of the most popular nutrition apps, MyFitnessPal, generates the nutritional data users should follow; however, they do not provide the actual meals to help them reach their goals.


Unlike other nutrition apps, Fogo focuses on providing users with healthy meals accurately, flexibly and locally. When users create an account with Fogo, they will input their body and dietary information, such as height, weight, food allergies, eating habits, and fitness goals, and Fogo will generate a list of nutrition facts tailored to their needs on a meal basis. From there, users will be able to view and choose healthy restaurants near them or near their chosen location. They will then be able to choose one of the recommended meals or customize a dish that correspond to their generated nutrition facts. By combining nutritional suggestions with instant pick up and delivery services, Fogo provides flexible healthy food options, while tailoring each meal accurately to individual customers.