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Perth, ON

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CIQ provides Corporate Memory Management to glean insights to improve company processes.



Most companies do not understand what data they have and the intrinsic value of that data for finding the next generation products, processes, and avoiding business risk. As employees are retiring, and others are job hopping, their lifetimes of knowledge are leaving the company. Executive teams don't know how to address these issues and most solutions are either bloatware or too expensive.


CIQ provides the data science experience to index their entire corporate data easily and can capture the additional data they need for AI and predictive applications to executed. Our Rapid Capture application not only helps capture and retain employee knowledge, but also helps with workforce management and safety. We will guide the executive team to focus on the core issues requiring help, and only provide the solution needed. This keeps costs down and grows profits quickly.


We work with forward thinking corporations with 250 million in revenue and up. We have specialization in the financial services, insurance, lending, retail, healthcare, mining, and other commercial verticals.