CropShop Inc.

A web marketplace for chefs and local farmers

Boston, MA, US Wholesale food distributors B2B Direct-to-Consumer Marketplace Pay-As-You-Go
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Food&Beverage Marketplace Software AgTech
Summary Problem Solution Industry Landscape
A marketplace (software) for chefs and local farmers, and a GIG farm to table supply chain.
Incumbent distributors must travel long distances to source high volumes, of low-quality, cheap products to fill their costly trucks. Resulting in: chefs not being able to easily order high quality, local, and fresh ingredients, and small-scale local farmers being squeezed out of consistent distribution networks.
A web marketplace for chefs and local farmers, and a CropShop Hub to; easily access customers for local farmers, easily access the best local products for chefs, and to enable GIG farm to table supply chain.
The $260B restaurant food supply market is dominated by incumbents such as SYSCO and U.S. Foods. Incumbents do not focus on offering high quality, fresh, and local ingredients to restaurants due to their costly logistical systems.

Funding Overview

Current Funding Stage
$ -
Raised in Previous Rounds
$ 42,000
Raised in Current Round
$ 150,000
Goal for Current Round
Funding History
  • $7,000 September, 2020
  • $35,000 September, 2020


The Team

A.J. Marcinek

Co-founder & CEO
B.S. in Environmental Science from Endicott College.

Cam Bleck

Co-founder & COO
B.S. in Computer Science from Endicott College

A.J. Marcinek

Co-founder & CEO
Retired college hockey player turned Co-founder. On a mission to help create the future and build a better food system. A.J. is a customer focused Co-founder, primary responsibilities include sales, CRM, finance, operations, and strategy.

Cam Bleck

Co-founder & COO
Retired college hockey player passionate about creating and building, especially products that help people breathe easier. Cam is a technical Co-founder, primary responsibilities include software engineering, operations, and strategy.