Dapper is a platform for shoe shine/clean/repair/sales.

New York, NY, US Clothing & Accessories Commission
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Summary Problem Solution Industry Landscape
Grubhub for shoes: the app for pickup and delivery of shoeshine, sneaker cleaning, shoe repair and shoe sales
Shoeshine stores are disappearing
The industry is old
Everything has an app, except shoes
You order your food, taxis and laundry with an app, so why not shoe care?

Buying shoes online is tricky. You never know whether they will fit and return is a hassle.
Dapper goes to the customer. Through the valet system, the valet picks up and delivers the customer's order.

In the case of shoe sales, they bring the shoes plus one size larger and smaller, so you can decide from the comfort of your home, and return right away.
Leather shoe sales are consistent yet leather shoe care is disappearing. We are providing an existing market with modern tools, and we're the only one doing so.

We also add convenience to the process of online shoe sales.

Funding Overview

Angel / Pre-seed
Current Funding Stage
$ -
Raised in Previous Rounds
$ 60,000
Raised in Current Round
$ 100,000
Goal for Current Round


The Team


Jett Teng

Software engineering, Business

Will Ryu



Will Ryu

Capfinite, background in finance