New York, United States

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Diggs, maker of Revol, the revolutionary collapsing dog crate, is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of innovative pet products.



Competitors: Crates: Petmate, Midwest, Pet Gear, Precision Pet, Den Haus, Frontgate Toys: Chuckit, Kong, long tail of others


Pet owners are increasingly seeking premium pet products as pets are humanized and treated as children. There has been exciting innovation in the food and soft goods segments but very little in hard goods / supplies. There are no established, quality brands in the hard goods segment of the pet industry. Crates, for example, are mainly represented by wire cages which pet owners refer to as "jails" and complain about their safety and functionality. Incumbents have been creating low cost and low quality products for many years and are unable to innovate.


To address the problem in dog crates, Diggs invented Revol - a stylish, stronger, safer, easier to use crate that has a brand that is meaningful to pet parents today. More broadly, Diggs wants to become the largest and most desired brand for innovative pet supplies.


Sales of crates, associated accessories (high CLV model) and other pet hard goods (gates, pet strollers, cat furniture, toys, etc.) via our eCommerce Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) website and eventually down the road through other retail channels as well.