Dulix Inc

New York, NY

Seed stage MVP Software & Services » Education & Training
We are a program to help kids learn financial independence from a young age. We enable parents to choose where kids spend their money and what they spend it on. We have reinvented the chore and allowance process. Created for parents and teens alike.


Many parents wish they could teach their kids how to manage funds safely and effectively. They also wish they could teach their kids to do chores and offer a reward along with an allowance while being able to monitor it so they are using it correctly. So how will they be able to accomplish all of these tasks efficiently and productively?

In addition, banks are losing billions of deposits in this gap in the market. How can we help them?


We will provide an app and a website linked to banks and where parents will make an account for kids and be able to give freedom to their kids while also watching and ensuring safety.

We will give the accounts to banks and split the profits, or collect a flat fee upfront and annually.


We will make a profit 3 different ways; advertisement, bank account recipiency, and online sellers. We will use our large client base to make money on advertisements in multiple different creative ways. We will also have a stream of revenue from our partner bank, whether from a split of profits or a flat fee. Lastly, we will charge a commission on each order done through our app to online sellers.