The Festiie smartband keeps group members connected at massive events and festivals without the use of cell phone reception, wifi, or data!

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The Festiie smartband is a wearable device that keeps group members connected inside
massive events and festivals without the need of phone service, wifi, or data. Festiie's live location
sharing allows you to track your friends and send notifications regardless of cell
reception. Event organizers can obtain a new level of big data on festival attendees and
send important announcements in real time. Festiie is the future of event technology.
Over 2/3’s of festival attendees get lost or separated from their group members at least once per festival. The ability to re-connect with your group becomes extremely challenging due to the lack of phone service at these massive events. At festivals and massive events, 10,000-150,000 people are in one location attempting to utilize their phones and send excessive amounts of data. This results in congested cell towers (zero to no cell reception), dropped calls, and failed/delayed text messages. Location finding applications (such as the iphone’s find my friends app) rely on data connection to function, making them unreliable at events. The inability to stay connected often results in a less enjoyable experience due to fear/concern, time spent looking for group members (taking away from the event production), and can become critical in the case of an emergency where every minute matters. Even with the 5G evolution, cell congestion is inevitable. Most festival locations do not yet have 4G coverage and as destination festivals continue to grow, an international solution is needed.
We provide festival-goers with a wearable product that enables them to stay connected with their friends at the festival grounds (without phone reception) by visually displaying their GPS location via the Festiie app and wearable LED Compass—which will point in the direction of their group member’s location. Successfully tested at the largest festivals and internationally. Festiie will provide festival coordinators with the ability to communicate with attendees within their festival grounds (without any phone reception needed). Festiie will allow for the acquisition of big data analytics which will provide a new level of information in regards to areas of congestion within a festival and consumer trends.
36 Million Attendees in the US each year.The US Music Industry is worth $17.2 Billion and Music Festivals Represent $5.7Billion of that revenue. Coachella recently increased its maximum capacity per day from 99,000 to 130,000 attendees. There are over 3000 festivals worldwide per year. 108 Million Festival Attendees Globally & growing. 36 Million Attendees in the US each year.

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