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We provide college sororities with high quality, custom jewelry pieces. 30% of sales are directed to the philanthropy/charity of the customer’s pick!


At UCLA alone, there are 12 sororities, each with roughly 200 members. That leads to a revenue of 72,000 dollars,
at just one university. In California, there are about 1,600 sororities. Assuming the same size per chapter, that leads to a revenue of 10,000,000 dollars. In the United states, there is about 8,000 sororities. This leads to a revenue of 48,000,000 dollars. It is important to keep in mind that this market is very unique in how loyal the customers are. Sorority members take a lot of pride in their organization and actively seek out products that they can wear/use to represent their organization. Philanthropic, custom sorority jewelry, is a novel concept that is unique to Generosity Designs, and we’re confident that it’s going to take off.


Sororities are large, nationwide sisterhoods that are dedicated towards service and giving back, and every single year they make an enormously positive impact on the world through their philanthropic contributions. Every year, they purchase large orders of products, most notably apparel for recruitment and new members, typically 150+ units per order. However, it is extremely rare to find a company that contributes to the sorority’s philanthropy. Furthermore, there is not a single company providing custom jewelry to sororities in large orders. One unique aspect of sororities is that their members LOVE matching everything, including shirts, outfits, etc. However, there’s not a single company out there that is providing them with sorority jewelry that they can match with. With the college female population very much interested in purchasing jewelry, there is a lack of affordable, fashionable, and quality jewelry that gives back to their philanthropy.


This is where Generosity Designs comes in! We work directly with sororities to design and produce custom jewelry that is catered to each sorority’s taste. We sell to sororities by placing larger orders with them the same way that apparel companies are currently doing it, and most importantly, we give back 30% of all sales to the philanthropy of that sorority’s choice! In doing this, Generosity Designs strives to further the philanthropic mission statements of these sororities, and at the same time provide them with quality, affordable jewelry products. All of our products follow the original 30/30 Rule, which states that our products are at 30 dollars and 30% is always donated!