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Gideon is an intelligent messaging and predictive analytics platform for legal organizations that offers a new way to connect to clients.


Our market consists of 107,000+ small to mid-size law firms (1-99 attorneys) and 1,000+ large law firms (100+ attorneys) in U.S. with an active website. Additionally, our market consists of the 130+ state and federally funded legal aid programs across the country. The total addressable market for law firm software is $9.4 billion.


#1. The way law firms connect with people online is broken. The number one challenge facing law firms today is acquiring new client business. Attorneys ask potential clients to fill out forms, wait for follow-ups, and play phone tag – all while those clients are finding other attorneys. Meanwhile, law firm staff complete a number of time-consuming and non-billable tasks including: gathering client information, scheduling appointments, and performing manual data entry. In sum, a poor intake system results in significant loss of revenue - new client business is lost and marketing dollars are wasted. #2. Attorneys make ad hoc decisions about the clients they take on, or reject. They do not know how to measure the value of their clients nor assess the resources required to find and retain them. This results in a number of inefficiencies. There is a lack of a meaningful corpus of law firm data from which to draw useful conclusions about client intake and retention.


Gideon is an intelligent messaging and data analytics platform designed to remove barriers to the attorney/client relationship. Gideon helps law firms talk to consumers almost anywhere online: on their website, directory profiles and across social media. We use a chatbot to capture and qualify leads, answer initial inquiries and book meetings. When a lead is qualified, Gideon immediately alerts the relevant attorney or staff member, who can jump in to convert the lead in real time, over messaging. Law firms can also refer leads they do not want through our Referral Network, thereby turning an interface button into an additional stream of revenue. Gideon learns a firm’s preferences respecting particular case types and predicts likely case outcomes, enabling law firms to deploy resources to optimum value. Built to fit existing workflows, Gideon smoothly integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) or case management software.