GigKloud - The Uber of Staffing

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GigKloud is an on-demand marketplace matching workers with employers, for jobs by the shift. We do this through an intuitive mobile app and website that incorporate aspects of the gig-economy with social sharing, and gamification.

What makes us different from TaskRabbit, Pared, Hyr, Jobble, ShiftGig, etc??
- Our growth is primarily driven by physical sales efforts (Door-to-door, Cold Calling, etc.)
- Our aim is to provide a better "Worker" experience
- As a marketplace, our model is volume focused, with no resistance to adoption (No Mandatory Drug Tests, Background Checks, Applications, etc)
- Significantly lower fees compared to all competitors. (Due to the marketplace model)



The temp labor market is currently a $260BB market crowded with a host of poor solutions. The market is fragmented into various niche markets. For example, TaskRabbit does just Peer-to-peer work, Rover just does dog walking, and Pared & Wonolo just do service jobs.

Some providers pay their workers week, other pay within days after the work has been completed. Some providers allow workers to review the employers, while others do not. Overall, there is no "GOD" solution that takes into account the strengths and weakness of each niche model.

Now there is GigKloud, which is not just another Gig App.. GigKloud is a social revolution.


Traditional temp labor charges a 40% premium on employees earnings. This is because they are classified as W2 employees, and the temp agency must cover their workman's compensation, as well as physical instructor.

Our Tech competitors fail to provide a steady stream and variety of jobs. This is because they only use tech methods for sourcing clients. They have also needlessly taken on the responsibility of vetting potential candidates to employers. This unnecessary vetting reduces adoption, and significantly limits growth potential.


The GigKloud solution is a low fee marketplace that provides both sides with the tools required to vet one another. We combine physical sales efforts with a tech solution, and a low fee structure, to create a high volume marketplace.


As a marketplace, we charge Employers 8% on every shift they post. We also charge workers 12% on every shift they complete.
We net 20% on every shift contract.