Global Egamer

A platform that connects Brands, Gamers, & Publishers in Emerging markets through premium rewards.

New York, NY, US Gaming Advertising Sponsorship In Development
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Summary Problem Solution Industry Landscape
An App that allows emerging market gamers to earn premium rewards for playing in challenges, tournaments, & giveaways, while also allowing Brands & publishers to promote products & games interactively.

We are looking to close the gap between Brands, publishers, and Gamers through API integrations that allow for automated challenges, tournaments, & giveaways with products, micro-transaction items, gift cards, or plain cash as a reward.

We enhance gaming by bringing a competitive scenario to the masses that most want it, not just the pro esports players.

Our Flywheel Effect goes like this:

1. Brands connect with gamers through prizes
2. Better prizes attract more gamers
3. More gamers attract bigger & more brands (inc. publishers)
4. variety of games + Prizes attract more gamers
5. more gamers allow for deeper & valuable integrations
6. Deeper customer data attracts more brands
and back to point 1. Brands connect with gamers through prizes.
a. Gamers in Emerging markets don't have a competitive landscape or access to compelling rewards, currently resort to poor alternatives.

b. Brands haven't figured out a way to reach gamers in emerging markets at scale, Ads don't work as well anymore.
Solution: A platform that rewards gamers with products, season passes, skins, gift cards, etc. that allows brands & publishers to reach gamers interactively with their products as a reward.
Gaming emerging markets are a 16B USD market, growing at 12%+ and in some regions at 22%+ (like Southeast Asia)

Market is underserved: There is no centralized platform that encapsulates users (such as Steam in the US & Europe), no access to competitive environments, rewards, & overall premium content.

Emerging Markets are driving growth according to NewZoo in 2020 and will reach 1.2 Billion Gamers total.

Internet penetration is lower, consumer spend is lower, but both rates are increasing at a fast pace, bringing a golden opportunity for any platform that provides enough value at scale.

Funding Overview

Current Funding Stage
$ 100,000
Raised in Previous Rounds
$ -
Raised in Current Round
$ 1,400,000
Goal for Current Round
Key Facts and Traction Funding History
  • Grew our community from 20k - 65k members in 6 months on a limited budget
    January 10, 2020
  • Executed test campaigns in 2019 with Brands around our premise such as: Red Bull, Huawei, Tencent, Razer, Level Up Latam, & Logitech.
    December 31, 2019
  • Developed a prototype for our Uwin app and held a successful closed Alpha test with 600 users
    August 20, 2019
  • Onboarded a Senior Tech Advisor from the Gaming Sector
    January 15, 2020
  • $100,000 February, 2019
    Angel Investment in Global Egamer

The Team

Ornit Niv

Co-Founder - Angel investor

Nicolas Cortes


Ornit Niv

Co-Founder - Angel investor
A 15 year executive in the financial markets having gone from start up to IPO at a 1.5 Billion valuation, built successful sales teams and operational offices with a staff of 300+ and customers in 100+ countries. Managed expansions with a heavy emphasis in Asia and other Emerging Markets generating $100 Million within a year of opening the Asian Market.

Nicolas Cortes

Focused in the Gaming & Marketing Industry for the past 4 years, has managed successful operations with teams of up to 30 in different regions, and managed campaigns & consultations for B2B & B2C Multi-National companies in Latin America, Europe, & USA.