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GrowthGenius is an automated sales prospecting solution that helps small teams find the perfect prospects, reach out to those prospects with hyper-personalized messages, and optimize campaigns to improve sales conversion rates - allowing sales teams to focus on closing deals and founders to focus on running their business.
Companies need a repetitive and scalable way to generate leads for their sales team to close. The old way of scaling sales usually starts with a founder or early sales leader doing all the prospecting, but these people are not expert copywriters, do not have a deep understanding of analytics to improve campaigns, and can’t research and personalize messages at scale. Companies all-in cost per lead can be over $500.
GrowthGenius automates sales prospecting and delivers a repeatable and scalable source of qualified leads by focusing on 4 key pillars: (i) Identifying the best prospects within 280M person database, (ii) using data to automatically assemble the ideal cold messaging sequences, (iii) using a vetted network of researchers to hyper-personalize every single message, and (iv) continuously optimizing messaging and prospect selection using machine learning models. Cost per lead can be < $50.
Most sales prospecting software on the market fails small business users in mainly two ways. The first is their focus on serving large enterprise customers, which creates a bloated product for SMB. The second is their limited single-use functionality, which means you have to combine several products in order to create an end-to-end prospecting solution.

Funding Overview

Current Funding Stage
$ -
Raised in Previous Rounds
$ 210,000
Raised in Current Round
$ 1,250,000
Goal for Current Round
Funding History
  • $250,000 September, 2019
    BDC Term Loan
  • $1,000,000 September, 2019
    Venture Debt
  • $500,000 September, 2019
    Government Grant Loan
  • $210,000 September, 2019
    Initial convertible note closing

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Will Richman

Ivey Business School

Brandon Pizzacalla

Ivey Business School