Our Comparison business offers plan comparison and connection to live agents based on their health insurance needs.

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Summary Problem Solution Industry Landscape is a leading direct-to-consumer destination that offers shopping and comparison products for individual health insurance and Medicare. also designs and markets to consumers proprietary insurance products including short-term medical, Bridge-to-Medicare and Medicare Supplement.
Individual health insurance consumers face challenges in finding access to health insurance information, discovering options, understanding the coverage, getting matched with an insurance provider, and getting access to online buying options.

For insurance marketers, it is difficult to identify high-intent acquisition channels with their preferred customer demographic (based on location, age, healthcare needs, income).
Our Comparison business offers plan comparison and connection to live agents based on their health insurance needs. We also provide content and buying resources to support consumers. For insurance brokers and carriers, we serve as an important customer acquisition channel.

Our Coverage business designs, develops, markets, and distributes proprietary health insurance plans to suit certain types of under-served use cases.
- A growing percentage of individuals are becoming health insurance consumers for the first time in the U.S. Either it's because they are displaced from coverage traditionally provided by an employer, or among the growing number of retirees who have to consider their healthcare options. The trends are fewer individuals being covered through traditional group coverage, combined with a growing demographic of seniors aging into Medicare at age 65.

- Under-65 health insurance consumer face high prices from Affordable Care Act, and have looked towards non-exchange options as part of their consideration into coverage.

- Over-65 health insurance consumers have a different set of choices on how to receive healthcare under Medicare (the government program for 65+ individuals). More than 50% of Medicare enrollees purchase a private-market Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.

- The internet is fast becoming the first source of information for consumers.

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