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iDisclose is a startup disrupting the legal industry. We help small and startup businesses with capital raising and business documents.


Small companies spend far to much money raising capital as well as forming and running their businesses. iDisclose allows and entrepreneur to handle much of the legal and regulatory filing process on their own, by with options to include an attorney as needed. Thereby making theses processes more efficient and cost effective.


We have automated the regulatory filing process for Form C, Form C-AR, Form D and Form ID. In addition we have created a robust Private Placement Memorandum tool that produces an institutional quality PPM. Each of these products offers the option for an attorney to review for a fixed fee. Our LawCloud product offers entrepreneurs the ability to form a company and have access to hundreds of other business and HR documents. LawCloud is a "smart" platform. As the entrepreneur enters info into any document in the platform, all other documents self populate, saving time and expense as the company matures.


We have a B2B channel partnering with platforms, portals and small professional firms across the country. We also have a B2C channel selling directly to the entrepreneur.