Rethinking and redefining the way SMEs interact with their customers

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Rethinking and redefining the way SMEs interact with their customers. Using AI to answer all calls and appointment requests; intuitive drops missed call rates from 70% to zero and offers to generate 25,000 USD worth new business opportunity to over 30 million american SMEs.
Over 30 million american SMEs get over 400 millions calls a day for sales enquiry, services and appointments; out of which 250 million calls get missed because they were busy in their stores, billing, meeting or with family causing big sales opportunities loss worth 25,000 USD. Currently, there is no affordable and easy to use 24x7 calls answering, sales and appointment request service for SMEs.
Intuitive is an AI technology startup. Using its app any SME can make their own AI powered virtual call assistant answering customer calls to "save money" on call center and hiring an attendant; "make money" by 24x7 sales enquiry and appointment request service and "analyse customers" by getting deep customer insights like demand, location, timing and preferences.
Over 90% businesses in the world are SMEs, contributing to over 60% of world GDP. Reliable and affordable communication system is key to success and growth of these SMEs who see 50% death rate. Though american SMEs are spending over a trillion dollars on software and IT still there is no technical solution for them to answer their ever increasing 400 millions calls everyday causing huge business loss to them. There is magnificant gap to be filled by technology which can enable them to focus on thier core business and stores relieving them from repetitive customer calls.

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$ 30,000
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$ 250,000
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The Team

Chandradeo Arya

Bachelor's in Com. Science (Hons.)

Pratik Singh

Bachelor's in Electronics (Hons.)

Chandradeo Arya

I'm a CS graduate from India's top technology institute with experience in working in multiple companies like American Express and DBS Singapore. I'm strongly motivated to build future ready product having potential to radically change any business process and life of people.

Pratik Singh

I'm an electronics graduate from IIT BHU with experience in working in multiple companies like DBS and Societe generale.