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InvestAcure - a community of spare change investors powering the search for a cure!


Our target market includes; Patients & their families: over 5 million diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the US. Those with who have a relative with Alzheimer's: 26% or 65 million of all US adults. Those who have a fear of the disease: 85% of US adults report a fear of developing Alzheimer's.


Alzheimer's afflicts 50 million worldwide and 26% or 65 million American adults have a relative with the disease. Yet, companies spearheading the search for a cure have difficulty securing investment for clinical trials, stifling progress.


InvestAcure enables those impacted by Alzheimer's to partner in the search for a cure by rounding-up day-to-day transactions and investing the spare change in clinical stage pharmaceuticals working on promising drugs. This helps transition investment leadership from a narrow group of high-risk investors to a much larger and stable investment base, leading to more clinical trials, more drugs and drug combinations tested and progress to a cure.