Los Angeles, CA

Angel / Pre-seed stage MVP eCommerce » Multi-Product
Kadoo is the place to go to find great gifts for anyone, in under 1 minute!


The gifting market is a $130B market just in the US alone. Last year, around $16B were lost on unwanted...
gifts. I want to change that. My main competitors are: Amazon Wish List, Giftagram and Token. They approach the problem from 3 different angles: wish list, curated gift catalogue, AI suggestions. I combine all of these aspects into one solution and make the whole process much quicker.


I love giving gifts to my friends and family. It’s a great way to make someone happy and build stronger relationships. However, I always have the same problem: it takes so long and it’s so hard to find a good gift. So, I started looking online for some tools to help me. But I couldn’t find anything that was good enough. Some were only wishlist based, some only suggestion based and for others, you had to browse a curated gift catalogue. They all lacked something, but if put together, you could create a much better solution.


You log in with your Facebook account, select one of your friends and get personalized gift recommendations for him/her in simply one click. More info: www.monkadoo.com