Kolk Group Inc.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Seed stage Full Build Software & Services » Communication & Conferencing
We combine all the types of unified communication that exist today and a decentralized database with neural connections and Artificial Intelligence.



Digital business transformation with the installation of our decentralized database - this service for large holdings, logistics companies, banking and insurance networks, oil and gas companies and large trading companies - they are our ideal customers. THE TOTAL VOLUME OF OUR MARKETS IS $786.67 BILLION by 2021.
AI Market:
• Source: Forrester Research
• Definition: “Cognitive computing technologies” (AI technologies)
• Forecast Timeline: 2020
• Market Value Projected: $1.2 tn (Global GDP annual growth rate of 3.5%)


- the security of all interactions within the company, with customers and partners (communication, workflow, storage and transmission of data) - Analytics and provision of ready solutions based on data analysis within the company, on the Internet and in the media, and issuing relevant proposals and solutions - management of the production cycle, logistics systems, data collection from information sensors, etc., data analysis, automated decision making in real time. - Digital Transformation for business - large enterprises, banks, logistics systems, airline companies, airports, and other industrial and mining companies and holdings. - secure interactions between ordinary citizens - creation of own information channels and video channels - additional services for interactive television and sports shows - solving the scaling problems for today's blockchain companies and other. - Solving compatibility problems for different software environments - solving the problems of converting various network protocols - unlimited scaling N-dimensional - Smart contracts - yes, please!


QuickDeepDate - new decentralized date base. New decentralized OS Artificial Intelligence Create a new processor architecture.


SaaS, PaaS, JIT

• Income from the provision of telephone communications (long distance & International calls, call
forwarding, Conferences);
• "Call from the site" (PaaS) service for online stores;
• Sales of work place (PaaS) for small, medium and large businesses;
• Creation and sale - JIT method (Just-in-time) - especially protected private clouds for large business with the individual needs of a client;
• A set of paid services for the sphere of sports shows and events;
• Additional stream services for GSM Mobile operators.
• Sales of decentralized QuickDeepDate (QDD) database for corporate customers;
• Crypto currency storage in QDD;
• Services for storing and converting files.
AI & Analitics, QuickDeepDate:
1. Strategic planning - where and what technologies and products to create, taking
into account and a deep analysis of international and domestic supply and
2. Revision of today's opportunities of industrial enterprises and holdings.
Optimization and increase in efficiency.
3. Control over cash flows of the enterprise, holding and bank.
4. The forecasting system for enterprises for the production of new products.
5. Analysis of international markets.
6. Analysis of financial risks (for banks, large holdings and various investment and
hedge funds).
7. Identification of the most advanced trends in science and production.
8. Identification of the most effective and competitive technologies and ways of
their implementation and monetization in international markets.
9. Formation of new international markets for new technologies, goods and
10. Recommendations for expanding the processing of raw materials in
conjunction with the forecasting of both the depth of processing, and specific
materials and markets. Control, optimization and forecasting of the results of continuous processes in petrochemistry and steelmaking.