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Journalism is currently being plagued by clickbait, echo chambers, and bias. Logos is a decentralized platform here to change that.



Logos competes with other news mediums on the basis of credibility, diversity, and engagement. Traditional bureaus like the New York Times are competitive in terms of being credible sources of information whereas social media platforms like Twitter are more competitive in terms of how users can engage with news content via their product features. News aggregators like Apple News are competitive both in terms of credibility and diversity because they source content from a diverse range of reputable outlets, however, aggregators lack the user engagement structures that characterize social media platforms. Logos, however, delivers on all three of these value propositions and for this reason the product is competitive. Due to its decentralized and engagement-focused nature, however, Logos’ serviceable obtainable market seems to be the share of individuals who, for example, consume their news on platforms like Reddit, Medium, and Twitter. To provide some perspective, a 2017 Pew Research Center report estimated that 74% of Twitter users get their news from Twitter while 68% of Reddit users get their news from Reddit. Going off of 2018 user statistics and combining each of these user segments, that equates to a market of roughly 100 million individuals.


Journalism is in a state of crisis. Respected traditional bureaus, constrained by failing business models, are producing more and more sensationalist content to muster as much ad revenue as possible on new distribution channels like social media. Trust in these organizations is at an all-time low and these companies exude an obvious top-down bias that prevent consumers from getting a diverse range of opinion. While it is true that social media platforms have become a new medium to consume news, such platforms are algorithmically designed to trap users in ideological echo chambers and struggle to give users the ability to engage with news content in a meaningful way. Discussion about the news in comment sections devolves into partisan screaming matches and the fake news epidemic has validated that social media platforms are simply not credible centers of information.


Logos shows you the news you need by bringing credibility, diversity, and meaningful engagement to your news consumption experience. Quality content is bumped up in your feed and quality commentary is bumped up in comment sections according to how our software understands user reputations. The reputation system allows you to see who’s authoring the content you interact with and what they bring to the table. Most importantly, Logos gives users the opportunity to have a measurable impact on the content they interact with. Users who exude political bias in their articles are held accountable by the bias bar feature, which allows users to rate the bias of an article by sliding a bar left or right. We then leverage average user bias ratings as well as natural language processing technology to algorithmically present an ideologically diverse range of stories in your feed at all times.


To monetize, Logos plans on implementing a freemium model with access to certain features and certain content constrained by a monthly subscription fee. The platform congruently plans to run ads to generate further revenue while also enabling an ad-revenue split model to incentivize top writers to join the platform and contribute content. Our data is also incredibly valuable. We plan on selling our data to governmental organizations, think tanks, universities, and research centers to provide insights into furthering the social good.