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About is a social network and it provides an online platform where academicians can promote their research; find different academic events, like conferences, seminars etc.; people can write feedback about different institutions etc.


The final customer based in broad and everyone starting from school students, school teachers, parents, to scientists, researchers, professors will gain from this network.

However, presently we can not target that broad group of people. So in the first phase of targeting, we will target researchers, scientists, professors etc. in India and USA. Total population is about 5.25M.

In the second phase of targeting, we will target the college and university students. In India, there are about 20M university students. In USA, number is much larger.


1. There is no platform where researchers can popularize their research and bring their research to people who are not working in their field.

2. There is no platform for searching for upcoming conferences, their location, nearby hotels, airports etc.

3. No dedicated place where users can write feedback for different schools, colleges and universities. No place where users can rate different academic institutes based on different criteria.


1. We are creating a social network for academicians.

2. People can create profiles, write about their research works. This will help to increase the visibility of the academic researches.

3. People can search for academic conferences, check its popularity, check who else is attending the conference. Explore the nearby places. Search similar academic conferences etc.

4. People can write feedback about different schools, colleges and universities. Rate different academic institutions based on multiple criteria.


The company will make money through advertisements.