The accurate pulse of online market trends and dynamics that are shaping the businesses of today and tomorrow

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Only MASSIVE provides the accurate pulse of online market trends and dynamics that are shaping the businesses of today and tomorrow, thanks to its unique AI technology that scans billions of data across every e-commerce website on the planet, regardless the geography and the language. And our data are faster and more accessible than any market research data has ever been.
Market Research is based on old technology and methodology, and it has many fundamental flaws: selection bias, design bias, it's always late and it's very expensive. It's been vastly used to posthumously justify business decisions, but in the highly competitive market of today, businesses need accurate and immediate insights. This situation is made even worse by the growing power of e-commerce, that is depriving manufacturers of power over the consumers' purchase journey. Companies have tried to have a better grip on the digital consumer journey using Social Media Listening Tools (Infegy, CrimsonHexagon, Brandwatch,etc.), but social media lack relevant and actionable business insights and play a very marginal role in the purchase process.
As a consequence, B2C companies todays are left blind to what's driving their business and this informational asymmetry is weakening them by the day.
Thanks to our proprietary AI technology, we can provide Better, Faster and Cheaper market insights to B2C companies by reading, understanding and classifying millions of e-commerce data and consumer reviews. Better, because are data are based on a category census for 100% statistical validity, are based on spontaneous consumer reviews, and cover the most important part of the consumer journey. Faster, because we continuously monitor e-commerce websites and no trend can escape our analysis. Cheaper, because our technology provides insightful data at a fraction of the cost, opening the market to smaller clients too.
Market Research is a $48Bn business globally. Incumbents (like Nielsen, Kantar, Ipsos etc.) keep using the same old methodologies they have used for decades. The recent introduction of online survey has only reduced costs, but the quality of the insights has actually got much worse. Social Media Listening industry has almost reached $3Bn globally, but the offer is heavily commoditized and clients are unsatisfied with the quality.

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