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We are independent company building innovative products for the outdoors!


People love exploring the outdoors! According to the annual report, there is $887 billion in outdoor recreation spending each year, this number is up from $646 billion in their 2012 report. This includes: $184.5 billion spent on outdoor reaction products (including gear, apparel, footwear, equipment, services and vehicle purchases) $702.3 billion spent on trip and travel (including airfare, fuel, lodging, groceries, lift tickets, guides, lessons and more) Few other sectors of the American economy generate or maintain the same level of enthusiasm over time and across generations as outdoor recreation. It is America’s pastime. Each year Americans spend more on: Trail Sports Gear ($20 Billion) than on Home Entertainment ($18 Billion) Water Sports Gear ($14 Billion) than on Movie Tickets ($11 Billion) Cycling and Skateboarding ($97 Billion) than on Video Games ($61 Billion) More Americans participate in outdoor recreation each year (145 million) than attend NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games combined (134 million).


People struggle going out and enjoying the outdoors. Outdoor equipment like chairs, tables, blankets, etc. are expensive, easily breakable and uncomfortable. Also outdoor equipment is bulky and hardly compacts, even when it is "compacted."


Muvpak is the solution! Muvpak's goal is to offer the highest quality outdoor equipment bundled into backpacks. Our first paks will be designed for families and weekend explores who enjoy day trips to the beach or mountains.