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The platform you're on right now. OneH is the first social investment platform for early stage companies. Easily source, track, and share deal flow with investors from around the world. Startups can easily pitch investors directly using our proprietary algorithm to pin point which investors will make for the most meaningful introductions.


Angel investors invest $22.86 Billion each year across 67,000 deals. 90% of angel investment is committed to companies with under 20 employees. Companies that raise capital from angel investors are 25% more likely to exist after four years. Additionally, companies raising capital from angel investors are 19% more likely to grow to over 75 employees.


For Investors: Investors never find their best deals on equity crowdfunding platforms. The best deals have always come from referrals from other investors who are either considering investing or have already invested themselves. No platform has enabled investors to effectively source, share, and track deal flow without forcing investors to change their behavior.

For Startups: No platform has empowered startups with the ability to connect directly with investors in a genuine, meaningful manner.


For Investors: The first investment platform that works the way investors do - socially, deliberately, and intentionally. OneH allows investors to source relevant deal flow using Investor ID, share deals with other investors using OneH Rooms, and monitor companies before investing with Track (Q1 2019) in one, secure place.

For Startups: OneH allows startups to easily pitch investors with just one click. Investor ID pin points which investors will make for more meaningful conversations, eliminating cold pitches and the guess work that comes with it.


Startups can create a Brief, hire service providers, and browse the platform for free. OneH is monetized from startup subscriptions to pitch investors directly and transaction fees from our network of vendors.