San Francisco, CA

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Peachy is a dating app that focuses on meaningful connections by getting people to get off their couches. Swiping through profiles isn't a way to meet people, going on dates is.


The dating market is pretty saturated with terrible content. Dating app users are known to quickly jump ship, and try out new apps. Fortunately for Peachy, most dating apps are poorly designed, and don't offer much to their users. This is where Peachy shines. Dating app users are also more willing to pay for services if they know that the service is safe, and effective at finding them a date.


Dating apps today are very superficial. Users have to swipe through thousands of inactive or fake accounts, giving each person less than a second of thought. This is not the way dating should be.


A dating app that focuses on actually meeting people. Peachy is a very "in the moment" app, where people post what they want to do with other people (i.e. "I am looking for someone to go to the movies with me"). After posting, you can choose to message anyone who has "liked" your post (tapping the heart on the post). This focuses the conversation between people on meeting up, and getting to know each other in person.


All users are required to pay a $5.99/mo subscription to use Peachy. This is done to make sure that everyone on the app actually wants to be on the app. A big problem in modern dating apps is that they are riddled with inactive users. Requiring an up front cost will minimize these users.