LEAA is bringing the doctor to your door for the same price as urgent care, giving you the quality and time you deserve.

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LEAA is bringing the doctor to your door for the same price as urgent care, giving you the quality and time you deserve. LEAA is a state of the art digital marketplace of Doctors, Nurses, PA's, capable of blood work, X-Rays, Specialty Vitamin injections, cutting edge health care service in your living room. LEAA is a comprehensive technology and service that is putting the care back into the Health Care System. LEAA currently turning heads and profit throughout NYC, and in your hometown soon. www.LEAA.io
Medical Errors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer (see nbc article below). This is largely due to the average rate a doctor has to treat a patient is 15 minutes or less. (see article below)

This is part of the reason why Primary Care is a dying field. The local Family doctor is disappearing, not because of ethics but because of economics. It's no longer even marginally lucrative to be a primary care physician compared to years past. From brick and motor expenses to ever rising health care costs the primary care physician must see an average of 1 patient every ten to 15 minutes to generate a sustainable practice. The next generation of doctors are more highly skewed towards specialization than ever.

The problem for patients is as simple as the last time you had to go to urgent care. If you sprain your ankle why do you have to sit next to someone with the flue? We've been conditioned to think this has to be the practice of health care, it wasn't always the case, and it will not be in the future.

A simple example is the process to get an MRI. An MRI has the lowest radiation of all scans, yet in order to get one, there are several "steps" or barriers in the way to get the test you need. Protocol within a hospital mandates cheeper tests first, no matter how amazing your insurance is, without offering the patient any options. This leads to x-rays and cat-scans that add additional harmful radiation that lasts up to three years in your body. The other consequence... the number of misdiagnosis within Hospitals continues to skyrocket, and the health of those treated is more and more in danger.



-Primary care is dying field aren’t doing primary care.
-Lack of coverage
-Shortage of doctors
-More highly specialized
Medical errors rushing through patient visit
Feeds into the system
LEAA is a disruptive solution that has proven itself historically and currently. LEAA is restoring that original quality of care that has been forgotten yet still demanded, providing higher profit margins for primary care physicians and a wide range of health care professionals, by eliminating the need for brick and mortar expenses, allowing for additional revenue streams baked into our model for physicians, while allowing them to spend more quality time with each patient and better diagnose each patient.

Primary Care is the doorway, the bottleneck to all your health care needs. With proper Primary Care, your overall health course is set in the right direction. Think of a golf swing, the smallest angle of impact effects the trajectory hundreds of feet later from either being safe (in the fairway) or treacherous (in the woods). Proper Primary Care dictates the proper next steps taken to ensure your health is on the right course.

The solution to our health care system is Doctors who are incentivized to care for people as individuals, are enabled to make the right decisions of their behalf not confined to economic and time constraints...
The solution is LEAA.

The solution to protecting individuals from malpractice, and infectious disease is to prevent them from being exposed to unnecessary illness. The solution to preventing unnecessary disease from reaching those who should never be effected by it, is at home care.... the solution is LEAA

The Solution to bridging the gap between emerging technologies and medicine, is trust between patients and doctors. That gap has to be earned, earned by someone you would welcome in your home, someone you trust your health with. The solution is trust, the solution is LEAA.
Healthcare is rapidly becoming a retail business. Doctors are overworked, underpaid, and in a system that confines their ability to care for their patients in spite of their best intents. Patients who have a broken arm must themselves to someone with the flue at an urgent care.

Due to rising costs, there are less primary care doctors on the horizon than ever, there are more specialized, however primary care is gateway provider to all of your health care needs.

The hospital, in comparison to an urgent care, is extremely detrimental to your health. The number of deaths due to just coming to the hospital (for non-related illness as to what brought you there) is beyond frightening, its outright wrong. It's not being addressed because the economic eco-system within healthcare is a trap. The heads of hospitals aren't doctors, they are hedge fund brokers and capitalists, and while there is nothing wrong with making a profit, there is a direct fall out when patients lives are the expense.

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  • $200k Revenue within 6 months ($40K Monthly avg.) with $2k Marketing budget Monthly
    March 13, 2019
  • Insurance Company Partnership- Providing superior quality and Coverage through incredible service
    March 12, 2019
  • #1 SEO search result for "Home urgent Care" "Urgent Care Home NYC"
    March 12, 2019
  • $200,000 March, 2019
    $200k revenue inside of 6 months, $40k monthly average with a $2k marketing budget, and 40 healthcare providers in NYC.

The Team


Chase Muratore


Isaak Yakobuv

CEO / Founder

Chase Muratore

Film Producer, Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur. I came across LEAA as one of their first customers to use the service and it absolutely changed my life. After seeing 13 doctors without an accurate diagnosis, LEAA was the first and only service to provide at home IV treatment catered to the unique circumstances around my case. An expedited MRA (not MRI) was ordered which usually takes weeks to arrange within a day, and major catastrophe was avoided thanks to the system and staff that actually cared for my well being at LEAA. My eyes were opened to what health care can be, and I pursued the company to add my services and come on board to make this vision real. A vision of excellent service of others, replacing the cold bureaucracy of hospitals and offices with a standard of people, at your door, who care.

Isaak Yakobuv

CEO / Founder
Isaak N. Yakubov Co Founder & CEO - graduated from the Long Island University physician assistant program with a Master’s degree. He has practiced as a physician assistant since 2014 in Neurosurgery and Emergency Medicine. Isaak Yakubov is one of the authors of the Ultimate Medical Mnemonic Comic Book and one of the founders of the Flipmed app. He is a Professor at Long Island University for the School of Health Professions and at Touro University’s PA program Isaak is a clinical preceptor for Medical/Physician assistant students from the York, NYIT, Wagner College, SABA, and SJU medical programs.