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Our software allows brands everywhere to easily create and share their own exciting quizzes, with potentially massive reach on social.


'80% of digital ads are ignored, with 90% of marketers believing that interactive content differentiates them from their competitors' -outgrow.co Global social media advertising spend will have reached $50 billion by 2019 according to CNBC.com and with quizzes being the most shared content on social media, we feel we are ideally placed to take a slice of this pie. Quizzes fly under the marketing radar, but are the most shared content on social, averaging 51,968 shares on Facebook. With boosted social media advertising, a brand can create huge buzz around their upcoming quizzes. In turn, from the player data that our software captures, a brand will then be able to engage in highly targeted advertising campaigns to these users, rather than a scatter-gun approach which is the norm. We have already achieved market validation in the Irish digital media space for an earlier Award winning quiz product we developed called Twiznight. This beta product allowed us to figure out what brand's really wanted from such a social media type quiz, plus how to make it as appealing and easily accessible as possible to the players. We were acquired in mid 2017 by Lucey Technology. Our target customers are: 1. Digital media agencies selling our platform to their clients 2. Direct to brands for launches and campaigns 3. Sports clubs / club sponsors, integrating into new & existing fan engagement solutions 4. Loyalty gaming, brand activation via social gaming Digital media / PR agencies sell our product to their own clients. We have proven success with this from our original product and have several leading agencies, including Core Media in Ireland and Intermarketing in the UK, already signed up for when the Quiz Wizards platform launches in early July. We are already well connected with many top digital media agencies in Ireland and the UK and will be targeting these first post-launch. We will then target digital media agencies on a city by city basis. Digital media agencies are an ideal sales channel to get our platform in front of as many brands as possible, and we will charge a recurring agency rate per month for our services. Sports clubs are another target market, where we will pitch our platform as part of a club's fan engagement offering. Sports fans tend to be already well engaged with their favourite club and our platform will create a simple tool for any club to identify and harvest their active fan's email address and demographic, allow them to advertise club merchandise, tickets etc in a very targeted fashion. Our platform will also be an ideal tool for a club to engage with their fans who can't make it to the stadium. This is becoming a huge part of any sports club's fan engagement strategy and will help increase club loyalty and have fans raving about them. We also intend to sell directly to brands, primarily in the consumer and entertainment sectors, where this product is an ideal fit. One further target market will be to partner up with other brand's, for example in the second screen space, where our platform can sit within any app and form part of a second screen offering. This will allow for shared revenue and help get our brand recognised further. It is estimated that almost 90% of TV viewers now use a second screen whilst watching TV, making our product a clever way of getting eyes onto TV show sponsor's branding within the quiz. We are already in talks with 2 leading Irish TV and radio stations about a second screen offering.


Brand and marketing / social media managers may have built up a large social media following, but are finding it increasingly difficult identifying their active as opposed to their passive fans. They may be advertising on social but finding it hard to get monetizable data about these followers and only briefly grabbing their fan's attention, resulting in low engagement rates. Their social media advertising would be much more efficient if they knew who these active fans were, but the social media platforms are reluctant to give them this info. They would love to convert these passive fans into active, loyal and raving fans.


Quizzes are the most shared content on social media. According to buzzfeed.com, quizzes averaged almost 52,000 Facebook shares in 2016, and 95% of users actually finished an online quiz. That's huge reach and engagement if its done correctly! Our white labelled QuizWizards software allows brands anywhere in the world to easily create and share their own exciting quizzes, generate valuable leads and have fans raving about them, with potentially massive reach on social media, all from within their own website / app, using their brand's colour scheme. Our software takes care of everything, right down to leaderboards, tiebreaks, and prize announcements. Player data is captured during login, allowing highly targeted advertising. The prizes being offered incentivise users to sign-up and they are further encouraged to socially share with the lure of bonus points. We help brands design their quizzes, their way. The quizzes are designed to be exciting, with leader-boards, image questions, timers and tiebreaks!