Recleau is an e-commerce platform that combines gamified experiences and rewards.

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Recleau is an e-commerce platform that combines gamified experiences and rewards.

Recleau is creating new ways to connect fashion brands and their fans. Its e-commerce technology enables fans to explore fashion through digital and in-store experiences, earn rewards for their engagement, and shop highly-curated styles directly from the brands.
Luxury fashion brands lose $472B every year due to excess inventory. This is because at the end of every season, they have three bad options:

1) they offload their inventory to offprice retailers (like TJ Maxx, The Outnet, etc) for no profit
2) they destroy it
3) they publicly discount it themselves, thus diluting their brand

What if they could push their products directly to their fans without damaging their brand?
We built the first online marketplace that combines gamified experiences and rewards - EXPERIENTIAL MARKETPLACE.

HOW IT WORKS: fashion fans 1) play a game, 2) earn a reward, and 3) redeem the reward towards a purchase of product.

BRANDS: 1) conceal discounts through "rewards"; 2) create sales touchpoints, 3) customer insights

FANS: 1) a more fun way to explore products and collection, 2) better value, 3) more meaningful products
There's a unique opportunity in the luxury fashion market right now:

1. We're seeing massive consumer behavior shifts towards: a) experiential, b) gaming, and finding good value online.

2. Online sales will more than double for luxury fashion (2.5 x through 2025);

3. Access to actionable customer data will be key to success, but: a)cost of online customer acquisition is skyrocketing, and b) the industry underinvests in data technology.

Funding Overview

Current Funding Stage
$ -
Raised in Previous Rounds
$ 360,000
Raised in Current Round
$ 1,500,000
Goal for Current Round
Press, Updates and Events Funding History
  • $210,000 September, 2020
    Founders Round
  • $150,000 September, 2020
    Investment by two insiders in the fashion industry through a SAFE.

The Team

Vid Cibej

Co-founder, Ops and Biz Dev
Harvard Law School

Gina Chang

Co-founder, CEO
University of Michigan

Beckie Choi

Co-founder, Product and Tech
Brandeis University

Vid Cibej

Co-founder, Ops and Biz Dev
Vid thrives on creating and implementing business models and processes that deliver maximum value. He has co-founded to address a 500B-dollar problem of excess inventory in designer fashion. At Recleau, he primarily focuses on Operations and Business Development, and is obsessing over delivering value to fashion brands and their fans. In his previous role, he worked as an international tax law expert and he advised companies on challenges related to international expansion, mergers and acquisitions, cost reduction, implementation of new business strategies and the introduction of new technologies. In his free time, he loves exploring, whether roaming the globe, running marathons or whitewater kayaking.

Gina Chang

Co-founder, CEO
Gina founded Recleau to address a $500B excess inventory problem in designer fashion. She previously served as a CFO for a major fashion brand. She has spent her 15-year career solving fashion industry problems by utilizing latest technology.

Beckie Choi

Co-founder, Product and Tech
Beckie is determined to innovate and introduce latest technology solutions into designer fashion space. She was an early employee at Squarespace, but has been developing cutting edge products since she was 10. She's also trained as an artist.