SellFee Tech

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District

Seed stage Full Build eCommerce
SellFee is a mobile builder game in which players create, manage a promote their own REAL online eCommerce store.

The app's unique game-like CMS and gamified CRM tools distinguish it from any other app and other e-commerce solutions.



The eCommerce dropshipping market size is estimated at $638 billion in 2018 (based on 21.1% market share of global eCommerce, according to a 2017 Forrester Research on US dropshipping sales). The dropshipping arbitrage industry is estimated at 10% of it, approximately $64 billion.


Everyone wants his own online store, but running an eCommerce business is too complicated for most people, and running a business online requires a lot of skills, knowledge, tools, and experience to succeed.


SellFee has gamified all of the eCommerce business management tools required to successfully run and operate your own online store easily, eliminating most of the hassles involved, and delivers a rich and unique set of marketing and advertising tools that are premade for the users to maximize their success, and even educates the users to sell and market online. SellFee is a game in which you earn real money for sales you make in your own online store!


We make money through in-app purchases of coins to upgrade store capabilities and features, and by charging sales commisions from the product suppliers for every product our users sell in their stores.