SpotGrab gives you your time back by navigating you from A to an available parking spot near your destination.

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Living in a metropolitan area, you spend over 100 hours a year looking for parking. And this is true for New York City, but it’s also true to any large city around the world. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you were notified of a parking spot that is just about to get vacated a walking distance from your destination? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could navigate directly to that spot instead of your end destination?

Introducing SpotGrab the app that helps you navigate to your destination, and helps you find the nearest available parking spot in real time. We target street parking, metered parking, parking lots and even allow people to rent out their driveway if they like
Raise your hand if you ever wasted time on finding parking! As you can see, you’re not alone, here in NY, just like any other big city, 107hrs of your life is wasted on finding parking, each year!
SpotGrab solves this problem and gives you your time back by navigating you from A to an available parking spot near your destination.
With the future of advertising being local, the race is on to provide the best possible navigation solution. The players on this scene do one of two things; either resell parking spaces or make estimates on your chances to find parking. No one player provides you with real-time data for both on street parking and parking garages and none provide navigation, but yet they have a lot of attention from the big 4, and raised millions.

SpotGrab is the first player on the worldwide market that offers a full-circle navigation solution. Additionally, we have a solid business model that allows us to grow users and revenue at the same time even in areas we have little users in the beginning. Last but not least, there is a big demand for centralized parking data and that demand will only grow thanks to the localization of advertising and the upcoming of driver-less cars. The centralized data within SpotGrab will be 2nd to none.

Funding Overview

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Raised in Current Round
$ 1,000,000
Goal for Current Round
Funding History
  • $100,000 October, 2020
    Initial Seed round (self-funded by founders)

The Team

Bram Selleslach


Alon Biran


Bram Selleslach

Bram comes to SpotGrab with an extensive background in creating and implementing business strategies, successfully launching businesses and products. Bram has worked with dozens of well-known fortune 500 companies and will focus his efforts at SpotGrab on overall business strategy, business development, user acquisition and building recurring revenues for the company. Bram has been coordinating and running sales team, training programs, marketing, and call centers for over 20 years. Beyond training inside sales teams, Bram has implemented successful boots on the ground sales forces. One such sales force involved 4,000 individuals working in 80 teams of 10 to 100, with domestic and international operations involved. A hallmark attribute that defines Bram’s career in sales is his ability to exceed expectations by utilizing technology, training, and innovating holistic system management solutions.

Alon Biran

Born in Israel, Alon served the country’s mandatory 3-year army service, first as a Navy Seal and later as a combat paramedic for a paratrooper unit. In the latter part of his army service, Alon was in charge of a unit of 10 paramedics and two medical doctors, and oversaw the establishment of a new medical facility in a new basic training base. In 2004 he established Unique Window Treatments LLC: A high-end custom window treatments retailer serving the New York City metro area and within three years grew the company to gross over $600,000. In 2012 Alon suffered a back injury that left him mostly paralyzed from the waist down. After undergoing back surgery, through hard work and rehabilitation in a process that took 2 1⁄2 years, he was able to gain back walking strength and ‘get out’ of the wheelchair. In 2013 Unique Window Treatments acquired Brown Home Technologies in order to gain presence in the Smart Home and office technologies market in a deal worth $300,000. The merger allowed Unique Window Treatments to expand its product offerings and reach a higher net-worth segment. The merged companies under the name Unique Spaces, specializes in home and office computer networks, audio and video streaming, lighting & HVAC controls, surveillance and automated shading systems. In 2015 the company opened a luxurious showroom off of Times Square in Manhattan. By the end of 2015 Unique Spaces grossed over $1.25M.