New York, United States

Seed stage Idea
Swade is a digital platform for the individual management of one’s personal economy.
It settles a massive struggle in today's world: Time vs. Money. Its unique approach to
modern commerce allows users to trade items or services online for literally anything.
This creates endless potential trade combinations and, coupled with in-site curriculum
opens a new world of economic opportunities for each user.


We’ve completed of our own market analysis, in addition to researching web
application based polls showing a high market for an exclusive trade site. Last
year an estimated 1.6 billion people worldwide purchased goods online amounting
to over 1.8 trillion in USD equivalent.* This is expected to increase to over 4
trillion dollars by year 2020. Specifically, online accessible companies earn over
1.2 million dollars every 30 seconds with corporations including Amazon, eBay,
and Facebook comprising the 90% of e-commerce companies utilizing
applications as an integral sales vehicle. Alternatively, over 80% of consumers
that are consistent web application users have searched or tested various forms of
mobile electronic trading platforms, while over 75% of middle income users have
yet to actually invest.** This coupled with the international data showing that 4
out of 5 shoppers indicate that they use a retailer sponsored application in the first
three quarters of 2017, force us to be confident that there is room for a seamless
trading application in today’s market.


Have you ever scanned an item in a store to know how much it costs? That’s what Swade does, but instead of scanning the store item, it’s your item and you’re allowed to trade it for anything in the store of similar value. Excited yet? It get’s even better! In addition to allowing you to see what your items could be traded for, you’ll receive offers on the item you’ve uploaded, allowing you to see what you could receive if you accepted the offer. You’ll have no obligation to trade, respond, or even view the notification so there’s zero commitment if you prefer just to sit back and relax watching the offers come in!


Swade will generate revenues through advertisements on the website, calculated
product placement, subscription fees, shipment royalties, big data and its investment
curriculum access.