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A Peer-to-Peer Influencer Community and Marketplace Enabling Purchases Within Content. The Land bridges the gap between a website and social media



Social Media Market Size: $3.02 Billion projected active users (2021)

E-commerce Market Size: $4.88 Trillion projected global E-Commerce revenue (2021)

Projected Social Commerce Revenue: $166 Billion


For Influencers: They drive sales and don’t get fairly compensated. Social Media platforms control the audience and revenue streams.

For consumers: viewing content on social media is a shallow and passive experience, and there are too many steps between the product discovery and the purchase.

For Brands: Brands utilize social media to drive traffic to their websites for purchasing.

The Billion Dollar Gap: This has created a huge gap in social commerce. Currently, there is no way to effectively bridge the gap between social media and a website.


LANDs are owned spaces. Influencers create revenue streams for themselves and control all of the data that they generate.

We grant space (LANDs) in our digital network to influencers, brands and content creators to encourage collaboration and monetization.

Each LAND is a marketplace and a content repository for its owner. Influencers can tag any products in content regardless of endorsements.

Fans have a deeper engagement and can purchase without ever leaving the content.


The.LAND revenue model is centered around empowering influencers and brands.

We take a sales commission on products sold and profit share with the influencer.

We also project a profit share model on advertising revenues.