The Surf House Barbados

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We’re more than just an eco hotel! Our focus is on Coliving & Coworking- sustainably transforming the way we work & travel to the Caribbean. The Surf House Barbados is the first hotel and we are looking for funding.


The Surf House experience is about traveling the world, surfing the waves of beautiful beaches, meeting new people – and still being able to protect the ocean at the same time.

Staying at The Surf House will allow you to work remotely with unwavering Wi-Fi in a community of like-minded wanderers, adventure seekers and ocean-loving nomads. All of this, at a price you can afford.


From the many times that we traveled to Barbados we’ve noticed the lack of affordable lodging and spaces to work remotely. This being a surfer’s paradise, we are looking to cater to the solo traveler and the digital workers, now they can do their jobs remotely and have fun at the same time. The Surf House seeks share our passion for ocean conservation through a purposeful lodging experience.


The Surf House is redefining how travel is done by the blending of work and adventure. The hotel will be focused on delivering a top notch experience, great healthy food, and entertainment. We are creating not only a gathering place but a technology hub for remote workers. While staying at The Surf House guest will have the ability to work remotely via unwavering Wi-Fi networks. We believe the time is right. We are entering an unsaturated market- In the Caribbean there are less than a handful of hostels per island, and none are upscale. We believe that travelers can reduce their ecological impact without sacrificing comfort and quality. We are looking to bridge the gap between hostels and boutique hotels. The Surf House is where lodging and sustainability merge. The Surf House adds extra features like unique co-working spaces, yoga and meditation, ocean conservation classes, as well as local travel experiences at stunning locations in the Caribbean. Over the last few years the Hostel sector has experience rapid growth as travelers search for affordable, reliable lodging options.


We will be targeting Young people between 20 and 35, seeking adventure, surf and new friendships while traveling. We will also target the mature adult 36-50 through surf and yoga wellness retreats.
• There is a boom in travel among people looking for cool, affordable accommodations;
• The hostel market is in high demand.
We will have a workforce with experience in a customer facing role, and an ability to adopt new technology for promotions and bookings. We will offer hospitality with a personal touch. Our customers are joining us as we make history by redefining how hotel lodging is done.
Their stay helps one of our favorite ocean protecting organizations gets funded -5% of their booking and this goes to support local island or global conservation efforts. There are minimal hostels across the Caribbean and we believe that our concept will be a huge success as we look to

The Surf House aims at creating a whole ecosystem that revolves around a growing community where the concepts of work, adventure and healthy living have started to merge. Barbados is where we will be starting but we will also be expanding to other Caribbean islands and throughout Latin America.

Millennials love to travel and it doesn’t look like that is changing any time soon. They may not have as much money as other travelers but they definitely spend more of their disposable income on their travel adventures and are known to travel for more extended periods of time.