Trexo Robotics

Mississauga, ON

Seed stage MVP Healthcare » Medical Devices & Equipment
Trexo Robotics has created the first pediatric wearable robotic platform to help children with disabilities walk.



There is no direct competitor for the Trexo Home, it is the only solution available for home use that provides a physiologically correct gait. In the clinical segment, there are two solutions currently utilized: 1) manual locomotion therapy, and 2) robot-assisted gait training with the Lokomat. Manual therapy involves the physiotherapist physically moving the child's legs in a walking pattern over a treadmill. This is extremely labor intensive and not efficient. The Lokomat is confined to a treadmill and costs over $500K, most hospitals cannot afford to have one.


Whether you are born with a disability, experience an unfortunate accident, or are simply getting old, mobility is a problem that many people face at some point in their life. We believe that everyone should have access to mobility and we are solving this problem through exoskeletons.


Trexo Robotics is on a mission to re-imagine mobility solutions for people of all ages and abilities. Starting in the children's market, Trexo Robotics has developed the first pediatric exoskeleton to help children with disabilities experience walking. The Trexo device is a novel wearable robotic device that is completely mobile and safe, and can transform an off the shelf walker into a fully powered robotic gait training platform.


The Trexo products will address the $140 billion underserved global children’s market. Currently, there are over 7 million children globally who could benefit from the use of a device such as the Trexo. The Trexo Plus system is available for purchase by rehab and pediatric facilities for $75,000 per unit. There is appetite for such technology, we have already secured 10 Letters of Support and have 50 hospitals from Canada and the USA interested in purchasing a unit.

We plan to offer the Trexo Home for lease at $500/month or for purchase at $20,000. This pricing is comparable to that of monthly physiotherapy and powered wheelchairs, respectively. It is also in the price range that insurance companies are willing to work with. Currently, we have a waitlist of 471 families for the Trexo Home and this has been achieved without a major marketing push. We expect the number of interested families to continue growing.