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Twelf, a data-driven mobile platform, offers the first sponsored ride-hailing experience in the world. Ready to disrupt urban transportation. Cheaper rides connecting you with your preferred companies, goods and services. Through smart analytics, companies can go beyond just sales figures to obtain insight into people’s motivations and preferences.

Our vision is to facilitate urban mobility by lowering the cost of a private ride, therefore increasing accessibility. We want to give lower income segments the same transport alternative as the rest of the population. Twelf wants to be a mobility solution where car ownership in the long term could be replaced. This will lead to a tremendous decrease in congestion, pollution and need for parking space.


The ride-hailing market has a CAGR of 16,3% (2018-2022) and currently only represents 2-3% of urban transportation. While target market penetration only hits 9%, there is still a lot margin for growth. Certainly when the current business model will be challenged.

The main players in the US e-hailing market are Uber, Lyft, Ztrip and Wingz on one side offering services through independent vehicles. On the other side you have platforms like Curb and Arro that connect you to on-demand taxis. You find the same industry structure in every geographical region, also in Latin America and Asia. Their business models don’t differ much, and competition basically comes down to price, availability and driver acquisition.


Ride-hailing is a highly competitive market with shrinking margins and low discrepancy between business models. Current gross margins are between 8-10%. It is still a niche application, missing out on the lower income segments due to high price. Currently, it is an alternative and not a solution to urban mobility issues increasing congestion and pollution. Not to forget, there is a lot of non-exploited relevant user data just sitting there not being used.


The next generation ride-hailing. Introducing new revenue streams in the value proposition, i.e. Sponsorship and data monetization.

Brands will be presented with a unique opportunity to build deeper, trusted, permission-based, one-to-one relationships with their audiences, and customers will be connected with their preferred products and services enjoying a discounted ride.

In addition, companies will be presented with consumer insights generated through a business intelligence/analytics platform. Through smart analytics, they can go beyond just sales figures to obtain insight into people’s motivations and personal preferences.


Our business model is commission based, earning a fixed rate from every ride fare (10-15%). Next to customers and companies, drivers are a crucial element to create network effects We want to give them a higher rate of return than other market players, next to the other perks. Building a long-term relationship and lowering churn.