UpContent is a B2B SaaS content curation solution that measurably increases engagement

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B2B Big Data/Machine Learning Marketing/MarketingTech SaaS
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UpContent is a B2B SaaS content curation solution that helps communication teams surface and triage trustworthy articles to measurably increase engagement - without the ad hoc, manual, and duplicative tasks commonly suffered.
While "content is king" has been known for some time, the appropriate content mix has shifted drastically from 25-35% curated to 25-35% original. Pillar content strategies have reinforced the benefits of original content quality over quantity. With the original content development processes mature, curation processes for identifying, evaluating, and distributing curated articles are underdeveloped. The current curation process is time-consuming, disjointed, and ineffective - with marketers spending nearly a day each week just looking for stuff. This pain will continue to worsen as curated articles have consistently been identified as critical to success in employee advocacy, social selling, and learning and development initiatives.
UpContent makes discovery, discussion, and distribution, seamless - an “air traffic control” for content curation. UpContent brings; (1) a proprietary crawler that showcases over 1.3 million articles each month, (2) team collaboration, access control, and workflow management, (3) integrations with leading "pipe builders" to seamlessly fold into your current workflows, (4) robust analytics and conversion opportunities, and (5) highest-rated customer success in our industry.
95% of marketers curate. Expenditures on MarTech is over $100 billion. UpContent is a supporting technology to the main "pipe building" platform technologies across the marketing, sales, and human resources teams within an organization. Current total addressable market is estimated at $3 billion. As curation continues to expand, more platforms seek out a curation partner, and UpContent expands to additional languages, the market size could grow to $10 billion by December 2021.

Funding Overview

Current Funding Stage
$ 1,092,000
Raised in Previous Rounds
$ 496,300
Raised in Current Round
$ 500,000
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The Team

Scott Rogerson

MBA, Carnegie Mellon University | BSBA, Duquesne University

Matthew Beatty

Director of Engineering
BS, Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering, Grove City College

Scott Rogerson

Fmr. CEO of marketing agency where he doubled revenue in 3 years while expanding offerings to address market demands. Successfully raised and led search fund Oakhill Equity 5 years in consulting in process optimization, risk management, and strategic planning MBA from Tepper (Carnegie Mellon) in marketing, operations management, and finance

Matthew Beatty

Director of Engineering
Full stack Engineer (9+ years experience) Senior Engineer in new product development with growth-stage HealthTech company Net Health (4+ years) Organizer of Abstractions Conference (cross-discipline software conference)