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UpContent builds trust for marketers and sales professionals by surfacing the articles that matter, and easing the burden of credible engagement.



$3 billion addressable market. While building trust is a critical problem for many brands in today's knowledge economy, we have seen the greatest benefit in B2B and high-value B2C companies and particular traction with marketing and sales professionals in highly regulated industries, professional services companies, investment institutions, marketing and PR agencies, and niche industries.


As customers seek to self-educate, the volume of content available continues to grow exponentially, and building trust between individual and brand (or those who represent them) has never been more difficult to attain. Brands have turned to become a resource for their prospects, shouldering the burden of surfacing - and bringing to the forefront the articles that align with prospect interests, and inform their decision. However, the process for completing this curation activity is manual, ad hoc, and inefficient as individuals in marketing or sales teams often conduct their research independently and must go through error-fraught processes when trying to bring the articles they find to their customers. This wastes time (over 8 hours per week per marketer, on average) and cannot be standardized or scaled.


UpContent is a B2B SaaS technology used by marketing and sales teams to discover, collaborate with their team, and distribute articles that build trust amongst their prospects. UpContent's patent pending article discovery engine, collaboration features, and strategic technology partnerships (e.g. Hootsuite, Buffer, Wix, etc.) allow the articles to be brought to email, website, social media, and digital signage with a single tap or click.