Upliftr Messaging, LLC

New York, United States

Angel / Pre-seed stage MVP eCommerce » eCommerce enablement
Upliftr is a positive messaging technology tool that allows people to easily create and exchange personalized messages for gift-giving, recognition or social media online.


Upliftr stands squarely at the nexus between the old-fashioned greeting card industry created completely by human authors, and today's decidedly robotic (especially for emotionally challenging content) messaging chatbots.
It's hybrid human/machine structured language techniques allow users to quickly and easily personalize 'perfect compliment' messages based on the attributes of the sender and recipient, resolving the conflicting choices of speed/convenience vs. meaningful personalization.
There is no other product like it.


Many people struggle with composing personalized emotionally challenging messages such as apologies, condolences, or constructive work-related feedback, as well as heartwarming messages for birthdays, dating, or Holidays when sending gift cards or online gifts.
Existing technologies cannot provide this.


Upliftr Messaging leverages a proprietary algorithm to provide those types of editable personalized messages customized to the thoughts, feelings, and attributes of the message sender and receiver, quickly and easily.
The perfectly crafted message is then available to insert into the Gift Message text box of all online retailers and also for posting into social media conversations. Or, it can simply be pasted into a text message or an email.


Operate as a SAAS, with services for company or client customizations.
Set up fee for company customization and per user transaction fees.